March 2019 The Legislative Minute

Carroll Commercial-Industrial Zoning Text Out for Comment

Carroll County is in the process of updating its Zoning Code. The Zoning Code regulates the density, intensity, and allowed uses of all property in the county. The first draft revisions are being made to Carroll’s Commercially and Industrially-zoned properties.

The Department of Planning will be hosting two public outreach efforts regarding the Commercial and Industrial Rezoning text amendments. The purpose is to present the changes to the zoning code, show the corresponding map and process moving forward. Those sessions will take place from 6 to 8 PM on:

Tuesday, March 26, County Office Building 003


Wednesday, March 27, South Carroll Senior Center

For those who cannot attend, the 3/26 outreach session will be live-streamed on the County’s web site and recorded for future playback. Comments can also be submitted online.

Following the Commercial and Industrial text revisions, the County will begin work on both the Residential and the Agricultural code sections. Progress on those updates can be found, when available, at

Monocacy Plan in Flux

Carroll residents will likely hear more on the Monocacy River in the coming weeks, as Carroll and Frederick Counties have now taken opposing positions on the most recent joint-County Monocacy Scenic River Plan.

Last summer, both Carroll and Frederick Counties remitted the 2017 Draft Plan back to the Monocacy Scenic River Advisory Board for revision. The Board considered amendments to address private property rights concerns raised by REALTORS®, the Farm Bureau and area landowners.

Those revisions resulted in the release of the updated 2018 River Plan. This revised 2018 draft addressed the property rights concerns raised by CCR, and was promptly adopted by the Carroll County Commissioners. However, the Frederick County Council determined that the River Board made far too many changes to the River Plan, and voted to reject the 2018 draft.

The Frederick Council is currently drafting amendments to the original 2017 version of the River Plan. Following that process, they have proposed a joint meeting with Carroll County in the hopes of compromising on a single Monocacy River Plan. CCR will follow these developments closely to ensure that any River Plan adequately protects Monocacy area landowners from unnecessary regulation. Stay tuned!

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