The Legislative Minute Feb-2020

Carroll Begins Residential Zoning Amendment Process

Following recent approval of the Commercial and Industrial zoning amendments, the Carroll County Planning staff is now turning its attention to residential sections of the zoning code. An initial draft of the ordinance can be found here.

The residential zoning text outlines what uses are allowed in each zoning district and how various dwelling types and uses are defined. It does not create any new residential zoning districts. In addition, the County will look to simplify the ordinance for ease of use.

The County’s Planning staff and rezoning work group will hold public meetings on the 4th Friday of each month from 1-3 PM at the County Office Building. To learn more or to view meeting materials, visit

General Assembly Unveils Initial Kirwan Funding Proposals

As the General Assembly considers a sweeping overhaul of state the state education system, REALTORS® have been on the lookout for legislation which would fund these new obligations. While the legislature has publicly stated that new income, property and sales taxes are “off the table”, the proposed alternatives to those revenue sources can still impact the real estate industry. So far, those proposals include:

HB 222—would impose an additional 1% tax on capital gains revenue

HB 256—reducing the estate tax exemption to $1M

HB 439/SB 216—imposing a 17% tax on carried interest unless at least 80% is held in real estate

HB 695/SB 2—imposing a tax on digital advertising

The Maryland REALTORS® established a tax policy working group to evaluate and respond to these bills and any others which may be considered during the session.

REALTOR® Bills on the Move

Legislative initiatives backed by the Maryland REALTORS® have been introduced and are heading toward their initial hearings. You can track their progress through the following links:

SB 170—Escrow of Ground Rents

SB 350—Real Estate Continuing Education/Professionalism

SB 570—Notice of Restrictive Easements and Covenants in Land Records

Pending—Sale of Real Estate by Auction

Pending—Registration of Unlicensed Property Managers

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